White House Designates U.S. Lighthouse Society a “Preserve America Steward”

On January 12, 2009, First Lady Laura Bush, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Lynn Scarlett and Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) Chairman John L Nau, III announced that the United States Lighthouse Society was officially designated and recognized as a Preserve America Steward for its exemplary volunteer efforts to care for the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse!

Preserve America is a White House initiative that encourages and supports community efforts to preserve and enjoy our nation’s heritage. Scarlett and Nau co-chair Preserve America. Mrs. Bush serves as Honorary Chair of Preserve America since its inception in March 2003.

To learn more about the program, please go to their website and the press release.

The letter from the White House and signed by Mrs. Bush is shown here. It reads: “Congratulations on the designation of the United States Lighthouse [Society] as a Preserve America Steward! The preservation of our historical and cultural resources honors our nation’s rich heritage. President Bush and I applaud your achievement. Your volunteer efforts inspire our fellow Americans and set a great example for communities around the country. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Preserve America initiative.”

Clearly this is quite an honor for the Society, for its Chesapeake Chapter, and, most of all, for all of our volunteers and friends that have generously given so much of their time, enthusiasm, talents and skills to preserve our beloved Chesapeake Bay icon and National Historic Landmark. We still have more work to do, but we are extremely proud of our accomplishments since our partnership took over ownership and management of the lighthouse in 2004. We are very grateful to all of you who contributed in one way or another to make this award possible.