TPS Lighthouse Keeper Photos

These are the first photos we have encountered of a TPS lighthouse keeper actually on board of the lighthouse! The photos are of Assistant Keeper Earl C. Harris (standing alone by one of the boat davits) and of Principal Keeper Henry F.G. Bryant, Asst Keeper Harris and two friends. The two images, taken in 1939 or 1940, were given to the U.S. Lighthouse Society by Wayne Harris, a nephew of Asst. Keeper Harris. Previous news items on this website included a photo of Principal Keeper Bryant and his wife posing ashore for their 50 th wedding anniversary, which were provided to us by his grandsons, Bob & Bill Bryant. Asst. Keeper Harris was Principal Keeper Bryant’s son-in-law, which makes Wayne Harris and Bob & Bill Bryant sort of “related” by marriage, although they did not know each other until we connected them. Thank you, Wayne!