Amazing Lighthouse Replica

Gary Gillette, a model-making hobbyist who specializes in replicas of historic buildings, spent over 300 hours making an amazingly authentic 1/48 th scale model of Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, and then donated it to the U.S. Lighthouse Society. To support his efforts, Gary was given full access to our archive of historic drawings and photographs, and he visited the lighthouse a couple of times to ascertain certain details for the replica. The details he replicated are amazing: conduits and pipes under the cottage, every little U.S. Coast Guard junction box on the roof and dormers, the fog detector sensors sticking out of one of the 2 nd story windows, etc. Gary is both an architect and an engineer, so needless to say, he is very meticulous in his craft and hobby, and it shows! The replica sits in an acrylic case that measures 26 inches square by 20 inches high. Eventually, it will be on display at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, but for now it will be shown at special events. This was Gary’s first lighthouse, but probably not his last. He is currently working on a replica of a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Gary, thanks very much for your passion and for this beautiful donation!